Handsome International Men

At HIM we recognize that we are at the dawn of a revolution. We now live in an era where women are stronger, more independent, and more in touch with what they want in, in every aspect of life, than ever before. And it’s time for men to step up and give the ladies what they want. that’s what Handsome International Men is all about.

At HIM we are striving to become the driving force in entertainment for women. We seek out men who are not only handsome and fit on the outside, but kind and compassionate on the inside, to ensure that every interaction with our guests in any of our entertainment forums is always special. Handsome International Men can cater to a lady’s every party and event whim, to our cutting edge live performances and the ultimate ladies’ night out.

Our mission is to give women what they want.

Because at HIM, we are all about HER.

Have you seen HiM?

Handsome International Men is ready, willing and able to cater to a lady’s every staffing need.

From sexy private party bartending and serving, to curating your own capsule HIM performance at your private or corporate event, we work hard to ensure that a lady and her guests never get thirsty or deprived of eye candy.

Our staffing roster is made up of gorgeous, athletic, and charming guys who can liven up any and all of events, from corporate functions to fun filled bachelorette parties.

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